"Following the Rules of the Warrior's Waltz" Synopsis

TIME: Present/Flashbacks to the 1940s
LOCATION: Erskine’s mountain cottage

Vann and Bart have been in a relationship for five years.  The play begins a month after Bart’s afternoon fling with one of their friends.  Vann's ninety year old grandfather (Erskine Anderson) has asked Vann to travel to his mountain cabin to retrieve a painting for him.  Erskine is a very mean man and has not been very pleasant to Vann since he announced he is gay twenty a few years before.  When Bart finagles his way on the trip, Vann asks their best friend, Field, to join them so he won't have to be alone with Bart.  Field, an art gallery owner, informs them that the painting in the cabin was painted by the famous artist, Wilson Knox.  During the course of two days Vann and Bart begin to unravel what happened in their relationship resulting in Bart's indiscretion.  Intertwined are flashbacks of Erskine, as a young man at the cabin, with the man he is in love with, Wilson Knox.