Lawson Caldwell, Playwright & Author

Lawson describes his inspiration for writing children's books:

Several years ago I observed a young boy and his grandfather shopping for a blanket. The boy selected a pink blanket and became very upset when his grandfather would not let him choose that particular blanket because "it was a girl's color." 

On another occasion I witnessed a little boy ask for a doll and his mother objected, saying that she did not think he should have a doll because it was a girl's toy. It was then I decided to write Colors Belong to Everyone.

Colors Belong to Everyone

Colors Belong to Everyone is a story about a young boy who is confronted for the first time with a social stereotype. Timmy goes to a store to purchase a book bag for school. The color of the book bag he selects is pink. Throughout the story Timmy is told that pink is a girl's color. Questioning his choice of pink, Timmy turns to his mother for guidance.

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Cover of Lawson's book, Merry Violet and the Tale of the Evil Hats
Merry Violet and the Tale of the Evil Hats is a story about a young hat maker named Tyler and his loyal pet bird, Merry Violet. When greed threatens Tyler's profession, Merry Violet comes to the rescue.