Gentlemen's Wish, a play by Lawson Caldwell

"Gentleman's Wish" Synopsis

Time: Present
Location: Catherine Drake's estate located in Eastern North Carolina

United States Senator Hanford Drake and his staff have returned to his family estate to work on damage control because of a scandal. After telling his wife, Sarah, that he wants a divorce, she discovers that he has been having a twenty-year affair with his best friend, Lake. Lake is a professor who is divorced and has grown children. Sarah has gone to the press and told them of the twenty-year affair. 

Hanford and his staff have not yet responded to the accusations. Elise, Tom and Wilson are the staff members who have joined the Senator and Lake at his mother, Catherine's, house. The Senator is running for re-election so they must work out a way to resolve the scandal. They must decide whether the Senator should publicly establish his new gay image or return to his settled married life in order to win re-election.

Elise is in a long distant relationship with her fiancé. Tom and Wilson have been secretly dating for two years and are faced with the dilemma of remaining in the closet to protect their political jobs and ambitions or come out for the sake of political integrity.

A series of events, including a visit from Hanford's wife, Sarah, and son Haney, culminate in a well-publicized press conference.

"Gentlemen's Wish," a play by Lawson Caldwell
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