"Lavender Shore," a play by Lawson Caldwell.


"Lavender Shore" Synopsis

Time: 1936
Location: The upstairs Library in Harrison Anderson's Townhouse in New York City

Moments after Daphane March marries her second husband, Thomas, she receives a telegram stating that her first husband, Harrison, and his valet, Gerald, have been found. Both men were presumed lost at sea five years earlier. Gwendloyn, Daphane's former best friend and former fiancé of her second husband, Thomas, arrives at the wedding to make sure the telegram is delivered. 

Harrison and Gerald return a week later. Daphane's Aunt Charlotte encourages Daphane to choose which man should be her husband. During their five years together on a remote island Harrison and Gerald have fallen in love with one another. Out of a sense of propriety Harrison attempts to return to his previous life with great difficulty.

All soon discover that Daphane should not have remarried for seven years, when she officially would have been declared a widow and allowed to legally marry Thomas. It's a dilemma: Harrision is still married to Daphane and has a sense of duty to her, but he loves Gerald. Thomas loves Daphane. Daphane loves the attention. And Gwendolyn has a plan of her own.

"Lavender Shore," a play by Lawson Caldwell.
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