Lawson Caldwell, Playwright & Author

Lawson wrote his first play when he was in third grade. Though that particular play was never produced, Lawson is proud that his plays - written as an adult - have been produced in the United States and Germany.

The themes of his plays vary and range from the ever-changing world of politics, to questioning who is qualified to raise children, to romantic comedies. The underlined plays below have links to their synopsis.

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Lawson's Full Length Plays
Lavender Shore Gentlemen's Wish
New England Lodge Bea's Birthday
Rudy's Cakewalk Following the Rules of the Warrior's Walz
Diary of a Beauty Queen Leading Men
Triple Knot The Wisdom Channel
Ceremony Prince Charming
The Debutante Trophy Husbands
Levinson Majors Four Corners of the Circle
Following the Rules of the Warrior's Walz
Lawson's Ten Minute Plays
Just That Sort of Day A Christmas Visit from Nicholas
Walzing, One, Two, Three On the Market
FFG Tea with Kate and Lady Bird
The Meeting