"The Wisdom Channel," a play by Lawson Caldwell.



"The Wisdom Channel" Synopsis

Time: Present
Location: Steel Martin's Hollywood home.

The play centers around the lives of a very famous movie star, Steel Martin, and his novelist wife, Delores. They have two children and to the world appear to be a loving, conventional family. 

The reality is that both are gay. Steel and Delores were close friends who both wanted children so they decided to marry, have children and keep their sexual orientation a secret with the exception of close friends. Delores' girlfriend, Jane, works as their assistant. 

When Steel hears rumblings that they are to be outed in a news story, he invites journalist, Ben Richards, to their home to write their own coming out story. What Steel and Delores want to prove to the world is that unconventional can be quite conventional.

Poster for the German production of "The Wisdom Channel"



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This poster is from the German production of "The Wisdom Channel."